March 2018
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Professional History

I am seeking employment at this time.  Interested parties may view my resume as a Word document or as a .pdf – or visit my LinkedIn profile to see what others I’ve worked with have to say about me.

I am a recent graduate of the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of Toronto, where I obtained my Master’s of Information Studies (MISt).  I have a special interest in public librarianship, but am both curious about other types and flexible about exploring them.

I also have a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas in anthropology, with a minor in theatrical design and technology.  (It would have been a double major actually, but course rotations are evil, evil things.)

At various times in my life, I have been, professionally:

  • a bookseller
  • a theatre technician
  • a web developer
  • a grader of standardized examinations

And since those job descriptions are not especially informative, here are some of the things I have done:

  • Provided virtual reference services and research help to students and the public via askON (an awesome service that you should absolutely use if you live in Ontario!)
  • Helped design and conduct a library program evaluation as a student practicum – research design is fascinating, and I’d love a chance to do it again.
  • Matched readers to books on a regular basis at a used bookstore (easily the best part of the job.)
  • Built database-driven websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL.  I also know how to use a variety of content management systems including but not limited to Joomla, DotNetNuke, and of course WordPress!
  • Researched and co-written an advocacy document targeted to the dean of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information to encourage continued support of coursework regarding library services to young people.
  • Performed a variety of tasks for Toronto marketing agency motum b2b – from manning the front desk and greeting clients to building web pages to research to seeking new staff members.
  • Catalogued books at the Canadian Children’s Book Centre as a volunteer.
  • Reviewed picture books, graphic novels, and young adult fiction for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s quarterly Book News publication.

I love the written word, working with people, and making things better for those around me. I’m smart, creative, and have an eclectic mix of skills that must be the perfect match for a job that is out there somewhere.  If you’ve got it, or know someone who does, get in touch!