Who am I?

Perhaps you are interested in finding out what I have done out there in The Real World, for money.  If so, please visit my professional history, where you will probably find most anything you might wish to know on that score.

There are, of course, a number of things a professional history will not and cannot tell you.  Therefore, the basics:

  • I am originally a native of Texas.
  • I live in Toronto with my husband – and, alas, no pets, though I would very much like to have one one of these days.
  • I am a huge geek.  I feel quite confident in saying this, as my interests include
    • books – I have a special interest in YA works and odd and quirky nonfiction titles, but also enjoy mystery, fantasy, and science fiction, in no particular order
    • podcasts
    • cooking
    • video games, with an emphasis on narrative or character-driven titles or those which reward mental reflexes rather than physical
    • tabletop roleplaying games
    • horror movies, particularly older ones or those that are “so bad, they’re good”
    • anime, though I am selective about which I get very far into
    • old time radio shows
  • I am a former theatre techie and enjoyed my time as one very much.
  • I like to write, though I harbor no delusions that I may some day produce the Great American Canadian Novel.

If you like what you see here or have something to say, leave me a comment or contact me.